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She was a one-off, a woman filled with scatterbrain plans who refused to be told what to do by anyone,' said Emma So, in the show, Emma, mum Brenda, dad Tony and grandmother Mam may have the same names as the people they’re based on but I’ve treated them all as characters rather than as real people.

She coming to prominence by her comedy partnership with Mel in ' Mel and Sue,' the lady has since come to be better known as a radio anchor and TV host, extremely of ' The Great British Bake Off" in 2010 to 2016 and Insert Name Here from 2016 to till date.

As an actress, she appeared as Sara in the TV show ' Heading Out' in 2013 and has reoccurring roles in the TV shows ' French and Saunders' in 1996.

She came to be famous for her role in the comedy show ' Mel and Sue' and has also occurred in or presented various TV series and shows.

I’m firmly of the belief that there is a job out there for everyone and you don’t have to spend your life doing a job you hate.

You get one twirl of the planet and what’s the point of rocking up at an office that you don’t like; everyone has a hobby, everyone has got an interest and every single interest or hobby has loads of jobs attached to it or surrounding it.is the story of two best friends, escaping to America post-University to avoid getting a job and, after losing their tent, facing one disaster after another. It was just a big wheeze to avoid getting a proper job, that was the main thrust behind it and I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do when I left University.