Unsolicited spam email from dating sites

03-Jan-2018 15:53

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I'm answering the question with this assumption in mind, although, I'll cover the other possibility at the end of this post.

Therefore, to answer: what you've received is most likely spam.

As requested, we have unsubscribed your e-mail address from [our] promotional and informative e-mail distribution list and closed the account erroneously opened with your e-mail address.

We regret any inconvenience and wish you all the best.

Email is fantastic - an easy and very cheap way to get in touch with family and friends around the world and quickly share videos and photos.

But it comes with some rather less fun and useful elements – one of them being spam.

Again, no option provided in the e-mail to report the misuse of my email address.

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Could this dating spam have come from your boyfriend's former adult dating site use?If you follow the guidance I have given above you may be able to get them to go into your spam folder immediately, but I'm not guaranteeing that. I have queried this with our Postmaster and hope that we can get somewhere with this.In the current circumstances where would you rather be - spammed a bit or not sure that legitimate e-mails are getting through? In the meantime please follow Howard ML's advice on how deal with this mail.3: Create an alternative email address for signing up to websites and services.

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4: Regularly change your password and use security software.It's legitimate marketing info, so your email spam filters usually won't mark it as spam.

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