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Among the most prominent civilizations were the Thamud which arose around 3000 BCE and lasted to about 300 CE and Dilmun which arose around the end of the fourth millennium and lasted to about 600 CE.Additionally, from the beginning of the first millennium BCE, Southern Arabia was the home to a number of kingdoms such as the Sabaeans and the coastal areas of Eastern Arabia were controlled by the Iranian Parthians and Sassanians from 300 BCE.It is best to study Saudi customs and appropriate behavior before beginning your trip.Saudi men and women are not permitted to attend public events together and are segregated in the workplace.Global Information, Non Mainstream News, Interesting Blogging Views , General Merchandise, Online Shopping, Network Marketing and Affiliate Products of Various Categories in the Global Market.All Solutions Networks For Easy Reference with Monetised Sites available for Advertisements. Information from International Bloggers Outside Mainstream Media for Public Consumption !Pre-Islamic religion in Arabia consisted of indigenous polytheistic beliefs, Ancient Arabian Christianity, Nestorian Christianity, Judaism and Zoroastrianism.Christianity existed in Arabian Peninsula, which was established first by the early Arab traders who heard the gospel from Peter the apostle at Jerusalem (Acts ), as well as those evangelized by Paul's ministry in Arabia (Galatians ) and the evangelistic ministry of St Thomas to the early Arabians.

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My readings about the place and the pictures I had seen did not prepare me for what I was to find.While Ancient Arabian Christianity was strong in areas of Southern Arabia, especially with Najran being an important center of Christianity, Nestorian Christianity was the dominant religion in Eastern Arabia prior to the advent of Islam.

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